Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Twitter Intensity Indicates that Egypt Army Miscalculated in Crackdown

UPDATE: Twitter levels remain stable in Tahrir Square as predicted, content of #Tahrir hashtag on twitter indicate that the protest has returned to the Square.

salma said
Recognizing people from the sit-in talking to people About what the army did on march 9
Perihan Abou-Zeid
Listening to a "street debate" between a christian and a member of the muslim brotherhood. I'm loving it.
Yasser Ahmad
At demands for new a Constitution, few thousands are here!
Mohamed El Deeb
Born to be a revolutionary

Using our Clima Tweeter Meter tool we have been watching the intensity of Tweeting coming from at or around Tahrir Square.

We have observed heavy levels all day. We have even seen levels rise over some periods late at night. At 2 AM Cairo time we are still seeing a very strong level of tweets coming from Tahrir. In fact we just saw a surge at about 2 AM from 66 to 77 on our scale, a very significant rise this late at night.

Get present twitter intensity from Tahrir Square Area now.

Tracking Twitters Hashtags makes it clear that the determination of the young people who use Twitter has not been reduced.

We therefore conclude that the Egyptian Army gravely miscalculated in its clearing of Tahrir Square by force. This action is leading to even greater use of Twitter to self organize and a massive presence of active Twitter users posting from around the square. We predict that protest around Tahrir Square will likely intensify over the coming days.
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