Friday, 18 March 2011

Twitter analysis indicate that protest movement in Bahrain continues

We have been watching the events in Bahrain very closely, especially the response in the tweetosphere to recent events.

We have noted these key facts:

1. That anti-government protestors have made the heaviest use of Twitter to communicate and organize, and a collapse of that momement would lead to a collpase in tweeting around Pearl Roundabout.
2. We are not seeing such a collapse and in fact geo-tagged tweeting from around the area is holding up.
3. We continue to see a lot of anti-goverment tweeting in the hastags related to lulu and Bahrain
3. In the hashtage BTVconfirms we are seeing intesne cynicism about the governments account of the stories, to the point where Bahrain TV has become a joke.

We conclude based on the content and distribution of tweets that their remains a large protests movement that is very motivated and very close to Pearl Roundabout, and the effort to clear the square has failed.
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