Friday, 18 March 2011

Twitter analysis shows potential new crackdown in Tahrir

We are seeing elevated levels of Tweeting again coming from Tahrir Square. We see this pattern again and again where tweeting rises during confrontations. And true to form the #Tahrir is showing a number of protestors concerned abou the heavy presence of police.

Lobna Darwish
Now soldiers are forming a cordon surrounding us
At least while holding hands they can't swing batons RT @: Army condoning people in ...
Emad Saad
RT @: يا ترى المجلس العسكرى ها يضحى بالشعب فى سبيل مبارك؟ يا ترى دماء الشهداء تساوى كام عند المجلس العسكرى؟ ...
Emad Saad
RT @: النائب العام يقرر حبس حبيب العادلي 15 يوما على ذمة التحقيقات :
Ghaly Shafik
Army soldiers like amn markazy condoning people in ..come to tahrir!!

Twitter analysis shows potential new crackdown in Tahrir, that the police are surrounding the Square right now and may move against the current demonstrations concerning amendments to the new Constitution.

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