Saturday, 26 March 2011

Twitter and protest in London

Plenty of facebook and twitter users at the London protest. Gail Orenstein. web 3.0 lab/Clima

Using our Clima High Density Twitter analysis beta we can make out a large group of people coming out of Embankment London who we assume are getting ready for today's anti-government protest. This tool is very sensitive to very high levels of tweeting, giving a more precise picture of dense tweeting in a small space.
Using it we can see that the density at and around Embankment today is far higher than in the other areas. Right now we are watching a surge in tweeting around this area and we assume we will be able to watch crowd movement through the day as 10,000s of activists come in to London.

The tweet hastage #26march is exploding. If each tweet represents 1 person marching there would probably be several hundred thousands of protesters.
588 new tweets
Rachel Jobes
RT @ As my friend david just said, i hope this isn't just the queue for the ipad2
Serenus Zeitblom
Brilliant articulate kids from Lewisham being interviewed on BBC
RT @: @ The retention rate of public sector workers is far higher. The vast… (cont)
Roy Moutford
5 million people voted LibDem last May - wonder how many are in London to-day
Taryn Ozorio
RT @: Web Map App - - Keeping demonstrators safe, mobile & informed

London Protest-Photo By Gail Orenstein, web 3.0 lab/Clima
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