Friday, 4 March 2011

Twitter user @ladyallein1 gives medical information for protesters

In what must be some of the most amazing user generated and distributed content we have ever seen Twitter user @ladyallein1 gives medical information for protesters. He has posted on twitter a number of graphics on how to treat common injuries during protests in several language.

If you want proof that user generated Internet content is having an impact on the Jasmine revolt, well here it is.

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  1. #firstaid is in Farsi/Persian @ladyallein1.My two other accounts, @Lady_jail & @Lady1stAid are in Arabic.I work w/ @helpIranheal & @helpEgyptheal to get out timely and correct #1stAid4 to people in
    need.Thank you for helping us get the info out!

  2. Times like this an we all see that we are connected humans, that we have now become a single species, a great family.