Tuesday, 22 March 2011

UK Uncut making heavy use of Social Networks

2011 will certainly be remember as the year Social Networks were deployed to political activism. UK Uncut's web page is mashing up information from Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, Blogs, along with Vimeo videos and its own content. By using a large number of different aggregated social networks the UK Uncut group expands its reach and reduces its dependency on any one corporate service to provide information and coordination.

The site does confirm that a global adoption of the Internet as a tool of activism is taking place. A year ago many people would have expressed doubts about the Internet's ability to support social change, today people seem to feel the need to argue that the Internet alone can not effect social change. This may all be something of a fad, and political movements highly organized on the Internet may go nowhere, but there is no denying that the web is playing a larger and larger role of organizing activist communities in getting them to locations.
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