Sunday, 13 March 2011

Violent repression is happening in Bahrain right now

We have seen a massive surge in tweeting coming from around Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain. We are reading reports in twitter hashtag #lulu of violence and injuries going from lulu to the Salmaniya hospital. We are also reading claimings post by some twitter users that the protesters have become violent, which we often see before crackdowns.

So we fear that a crackdown may be under way in Pearl Roundabout right now. We have been expecting this for some time. We are somewhat relieved to see that tweeting remains from the area, and the protesters are able to communicate and organize.

UPDATE: There is now a Saudi occupation of Bahrain, but the density of tweeting remains high. We are seeing division in the hashtags, but not many Bahrainis seem happy about Saudi forces on Twitter, rather a blame game has evolved as to who is actually at fault.
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