Friday, 29 April 2011

Twitter after the twister

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Despite terrible storms we are seeing tweeting coming from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa between 30 and 40. Nothing compared to the Royal Wedding but still high for a smaller city.

Tracking Twitter in Syria's Day of Rage

There is no geo-tagged tweeting coming out of Syria, but today we are anticipating solidarity rallies in many Arab cities which we are tracking on twitter.

Beirut is the city closest to Syria, has the strongest ties, and has the most to gain or lose from the situation in Syria and we anticipate high tweeting the city today.

Tahrir as the de facto Capital of the Jasmine Revolt and we would expect to see solidarity protests there after prayers. In Cairo scores of over 80 are very high.

Kuwait is a major hub for tweeting and it will be interesting to see if levels raise above their normal highs in the 80s to 90s over protests for Syria.

The twitter hastag Syria is very active.
أخبار درعا وحوران
#Dsraa حوران : عاجل : تأكيد استشهاد عشرة شباب على جسر صيدا في مجزرة فك الحصار التي قامت بها قوات الغدر و...
شام - بانياس - أطفال جمعة الغضب 29-4 ج3
abdalrahman rabea
الأن حرر محضرك في أقرب كنيسة فهي بديل لأقسام الشرطة
Aisha Alsalloum
ودمعٌ لا يُكَفْكَفُ يا دمشقُ !*
Sherin M.
The attack on people in Sheikh Miskeen near has been described as a massacre.
Anas Qtiesh
Every Friday the protest in grow larger. Security forces kill more people. Tens of thousands are protesting today in multiple cities.
kurdish blogger
Syrian forces shoot villagers near Deraa -witnesses
Norm Gorton
"@: URGENT: Heavy fire by Syrian regime tanks now on area in " @-See what news looks like?
One reads many posts the reflect the feelings of the Egyptian Google Exec and Democracy hero Wael Ghonim that the Royal Wedding is at best a distraction. Sentiments expressing frustration that a non-story like a future constitutional monarch will get so much more press time than a massive day of Syrian protests is understandable.

Wael Ghonim
People's divorce from the regime in is way more important and noble than the .
Top Tweet
Blake Hounshell
While Britain celebrates Bashar al-Assad is hosting a mass funeral in .
Top Tweet
12,000 journalists for . Thats more than and combined.
Top Tweet

But one can not say this is the main stream media or states, private people elect to twitter globally much more about the Royal Couple than Syria. But twitter does contain the criticism that too much media effort is being applied to the lesser of two stories. This is a critical media service by itself.

There are many youTube videos coming out from Syria now

We did have a stream that claims to be from Homs today inside of Syria. We can not confirm its origin though, but it has also gone down

Watch live streaming video from syriar at