Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gay web 3.0: Grindr is the largest all male location based mobile network tool for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and BlackBerry.

The web 3.0 lab had a chace to see the gay communities leading geo-socail app called Grindr. Grnder is a geo-social service for gay men globally. If you log in to Grindr gives the approximate location of other Grindr users who happen to be near by. Users can text each other send a photo and "hook-up" immediately.

The service is a prototype of how we thing Web 3.0 will change dating and even pornography. Will people be interested in downloading porn so much when they can actually find real world people? Will people go on dating sites online when they can have a tool that will facilitate chance meetings?

Grindr shows how the Web 3.0 tool will not only displace traditional sexual services with more reality bases systems, but will also blur the line between these services. Grindr can be looked at as a mobile online dating services, but it could also be looked at as a community building tool or even a potentially news services within the gay community. The tool could as effectively promote social protests or cultural events as online dating.

In short Grindr is shows us a small piece of the future of Web 3.0, where we will be able to connect with real world communities of interest or purpose via mobile devices.

Grindr is for exclusively for gay men, while Qrushr is for both gay and lesbians hook-ups.

Grindr like Qrushr is a geo-social network but for both gay and lesbians which both you "hook-up" with others instantly.

Crushr chat and radar has an adjustable map for privacy

Pride parade. Photo By Gail Orenstein web 3.0 lab/Clima

Gay Pride day. Photo By Gail Orenstein for the web 3.0 lab/Clima

The Gay Consumer

As the global recession drags on and most consumers remain cautious about spending, the "pink" economy continues to thrive. The higher disposable incomes of gay and lesbian consumers, along with more relaxed attitudes towards gay culture around the world, is opening up a wealth of opportunities for companies to target this large and lucrative niche especially in the mobile phone and App market according to Euro Monitor International.

This growth market exists in the global developing world and it is likely that as the economies of the BRICs and other nations emerge, many of them will have gay and lesbian communities developing at even faster rates.

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