Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Is Apple Afraid of Samsung?

Apple is suing its rival Samsung Electronics for allegedly copying the design of its iPad and iPhone.

'It claims Samsung's Galaxy range of mobile phones and tablet 'slavishly' copy the iPhone and iPad, according to court papers.

'Apple's claims focus on Galaxy's design features, such as the look of its screen icons.

'Galaxy products use Google's Android operating system, which directly competes with Apple's mobile software."

We at the Web 3.0 Lab love our Samsung Galaxy Tabs. A copy generally implies as inferior knock off, but the Galaxy Tab is such, in our opinion, superior product to the iPhone and iPad that we have a hard time seeing how this this s copy. Apple tried this to block Microsoft but it is hard to see a court handing on to the high priced Apple an eternal monopoly on a platform style it made popular, but certainly didn't invent.

Apple iOS owes a great deal in inspiration to Linux and other earlier mobile OSs like Palm and Blackberry. Certainly the Droid does to iOS what Windows did to the earlier Mac OS, but the Samsung phones frankly are superior. Specifically the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a device which equal yet in the mobile space. It is the perfect size, not too big like an iPad or Zoom, and not too small like a iPhone or Android phone. Its made of a nice mix of material that gives it a great weight for its size. The Zoom feels to flimsy in our hands and the iPads metal body makes it to heavy. And Android is a wonderful OS which we have great admiration.

This story shows how concern Apple is becoming of a repeat of the 1980s. Apple started with the best Windowing system in the world and was able to see off Amiga and OS/2 without much problem, only to have Microsoft and IBM take it out with something as lame as DOS and then pathetic Windows 95. Well Samsung is a first rate hardware producer and Android from Google is the equal to Mac iOS and at a lower price point and a more open architecture Apple has ever reason to be concerned about its over priced over controlled iPhone and iPad.

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