Monday, 4 April 2011

Obama and Facebook, Politics 2.0 is now the standard

BBC - dot.Rory:
Obama campaign logo

Can Facebook win Obama the 2012 election?:

"Is Facebook now the most important weapon in a politician’s digital armoury? Barack Obama certainly seems to think so. The US president has just launched his re-election campaign, and Facebook seems to be at the centre of it."

And this BBC article has a great closing line:

"Twitter may be the home to the chattering classes, Foursquare is the thing amongst twenty-something New Yorkers with great social lives, whereas Facebook, in the disparaging words of the digital prophet John Perry Barlow is "the suburbs". But that is where most people live - so no wonder Barack Obama thinks it is the place to win an election."

A perfect summing up of the state of Social Networks

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