Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dating Applications from Facebook to Badoo and The Clima Meter, check it out before you check in!

Many different sites would argue what are the top dating apps. Here are a few that the web 3.0 lab has looked at.

The following Facebook dating applications may or may not get you what you want, but they are very popular as well as Badoo.

Social Connect is a brand new app for facebook users. Everyone uses facebook these days in order to connect with old friends, teachers, and fellow classmates from years ago. Well don’t let facebook stop there, let it help you find someone new to be with! Social Connect does just that in an incredible way.

Zoosk is possibly the most popular dating application on Facebook. This app allows you to search for Zoosk members near you, sending the ones you fancy flirts, messages and friend requests. The application turned full online dating service has even inspired a song -- see: "Zoosk Girl" by Flo Rida and T-Pain.

Are you Interested?

Are You Interested? has a simple premise. Browse through Are You Interested? users and click "Yes (Anonymous)," "Yes (Let them know)" or "Skip" the user if your not interested. Unfortunately, that's as far as you can go for free. Sign up for paid service on to send users messages or add them as friends.

Speed Date
Speed Date allows you to search for someone you find attractive and even chat with him on Facebook. You're able to send your potential guy messages and flirts. However, you cannot add him as a friend or send him gifts via Facebook. You'll have to sign up at for that.
Similar to Are You Interested?, Meet New People simply shows you an image of a potential match with the question, "Do You Like Me" above. You can click "YES" if you're interested or "NO" if you're not. Meet New People also allows you to send flirts, messages and friend requests to the guys you like the most.


This is a multi-lingual social networking website, managed out of a Soho, London headquarters, but owned by a company in Cyprus and ultimately by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev. Although available in most of the world, the site is most active in Latin America, Spain and Italy, as well as France. Badoo ranks as the 52nd most popular site in France and the 150th globally, according to Alexa Internet.

In a peer-reviewed study, it was given the lowest score for privacy among 45 social networking sites examined. Source;

Men and women that are out there in the dating world need more help than you might think. With all of the dating sites that are online, there are so many people scattered around the different sites that it is difficult to make any real connections. SmartDating® changes that by integrating with Facebook and Social Connect which gives a lot more opportunities to meet people through some of the top social networks on the internet.

So before you go on a date, you can see how busy it is. The Clima meter determines the activity level at a site you want to go to based on the twitting intensity. Give it a try, so check it out before you check in!!

Track the levels of Web 3.0 adoption for any location on Earth with Clima

Clima Tweeter Meter Facebook App


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