Sunday, 10 April 2011

San Francisco a hub for new technology development

Relatively small San Francisco is a major hub of tweeting
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"Driven by social media and mobile startups, the money is flowing in the city's tech industry again, a decade after the dot-com boom minted overnight millionaires and its crash fueled a local recession worse than anything San Francisco has seen in the latest downturn.

"A recent tax break for Twitter and other proposals show city officials are hopeful that this latest tech industry prosperity does not portend another bubble and another bust.

"'It seems to be the industry that's leading us out of the recession at the moment,' said Ted Egan, the city's chief economist. Even so, he said, 'it's certainly not yet another dot-com boom.'"

Despite concern of a bubble, which is possible again in the short run, San Francisco mix of liberal culture, high education, and rich culture has produced a continuing engine for global innovation.


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