Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Social Browser Flock dies, but don't weep

Flock The Social Web Browser 2.0.3

We have been using the Flock Social browser since it first came out in 2005. For years it was our unified platform for social sites, tweets, images and web experience. Flock was the first platform where we had unified social experience. So we were sad to see died today, but don't weep too much. For the makers of Flock their success came in the form of merger in Zynga, which clearly has decided to leave the browser space to firms like Google, Mozilla, Apple, Opera and Microsoft.

"The team behind Flock was brought on to Zynga in January, in a talent acquisition that did not include the technology, the service or CEO Shawn Hardin. As Zynga never owned Flock.com, it had nothing to do with today’s shutdown."

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