Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sony to develop Android Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet has done well in the tablet market place.

BBC News - Sony takes on Apple as it unveils its first tablet PC
In another blow to both Apple and Microsoft Sony has decided to both produce a tablet, competing with the iPad, which runs Android and not Windows 7. We are starting to see Android as the inevitable winner in the tablet war. Other major producers are not going to just sit back and let Apple take all their business, so they are also producing tablets. But Microsoft's work on a tablet ready OS is poor at best so Android is left as the only contender.

Needless to say we are not in the least bit objective about this. We love our Android devices and we find that they our Samsung Galaxy Tab is the one device that people cluster around us to look at. In many ways the OS and the power of east Asian mobile producers is an unbeatable combination.

Once can say the age of Wintel is long gone as we enter the ARMdroid age.

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