Sunday, 10 April 2011

Kid stuff to do with your twitter density score? Power mom's-Study shows moms Use Facebook & Twitter More Than Average Adults

"A survey released by Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA) concluded that more than 60% of stay-at-home moms with children use Facebook, 42% use MySpace and 17% use Twitter. Surprisingly, these figures are much higher the percentage of average adults. The average for all adults is 50% for Facebook, 34% for MySpace and 15% for Twitter.

Gone are the days you would see moms flipping through magazines or newspapers searching for shopping-related stuff. In today’s new era of technology, online shopping seems to be the preferred choice by many moms. They enjoy turning to the internet for recommendations for apparel, groceries, furniture, jewelry and even real estate. Besides posting daily ramblings or rants on their Twitter profiles, moms tend to spend quite a huge portion of their leisure time looking for special coupons on retailer and restaurant Facebook pages, or even enrolling themselves in special contests through these companies’ Twitter pages. The facts should not be ignored – social media is an easy and affordable method for retailers to use to get moms’ attention."

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Circle of mom's is a favourite on facebook with almost one-million followers. Mom's share everything from diaper stories to family recipes to parenting tips. They even have there own facebook App.

Mom's use our Clima Tweeter Meter Facebook App

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