Thursday, 7 April 2011

Top 5 Gay iPhone Apps selling hot, hotter, hottest!

Photo By Gail Orenstein for the Web 3.0 lab/Clima

The Apple App Store just hit 100,000 apps which is an amazing statistic within itself. If you take a look at the App Store Metrics on 148Apps.Biz you will find that Games make up 16.9%, Entertainment makes up 13.86% and Books come in at 13.69%. These three are responsible for the top selling categories in the App Store. Buried within apps where you can accomplish nearly anything from running your own virtual Spa in Sally’s Spa or for those in the medical field there is STAT ICD-9 LITE which provides all 13,677 ICD-9-CD diagnosis codes to the user’s iPhone.

App Store MetricsWith so many different options it’s no surprise whatsoever that various Gay related apps would not only be created but thrive within the community.

A recent ranking of the top 5 apps for Gay and Lesbian community came up with this ranking:

Number 1: Edge Gay News Reader

Number 2: Grindr

Number 3: Gay Internet Radio Live (G.I.R.L)

Number 4: Gay Cities

Number 5: My Gay Agenda

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The Web 3.0 Lab sees the Gay community as a earlier adopter of Web 3.0 technology, and we anticipate that over the next few years a more mobile Facebook (or what ever comes next) will begin to look more like Grinder, which we have reviewed recently.


  1. think youre missing GayBarHood. Its only for UK though.

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