Friday, 8 April 2011

Twitter tracking of Tahrir Square Cairo April 8-9 2008 Protest

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UPDATE: The morning of the 9th of April saw a military crack down on the square, later on the 9th of April we have been hearing about a effort by protesters to retake the Tahrir. We are watching the tweeting levels coming from inside and around Tahrir today.

We are watching the surge in tweets coming from Tahrir Square on another massive protest. There is a flood of posts coming from the square many can be read on the twitter hashtag #Tahrir

Some Tweets before the crack down on the 8th of April
5 new tweets
Deena Adel
On weekdays, we work on fixing our economy. But on weekends, we work on achieving democracy. Head to today and demand your rights.
Top Tweet
Adam Makary
The army is watching. Since prayers ended - a military helicopter has been circling over
Top Tweet
: Thousands protest in Sq, demand prosecution of former officials, inc . MidEast blog:
Top Tweet
Lilian Wagdy
flyers against military trials are being distributed right now @
Mahmoud Gamal El-Din
الهتافات ترج الميدان الآن - أيد واحدة أيد واحدة أيد
Prince Memo
فين صفوت الغير شــريف
And after the crack down

15 new tweets
sally zohney
Darb nar. 3onf. Baltageya. Tahdid el thawra. Nas mostafeda. Momken 7abba kolena nefakar?
Amgad Hamdy
انا نفسى افهم الجيش لية بيضرب فى الشعب وسايب كل فلول الزفت القديم وعلى رأسهم المخلوع. مستني اييييييييية !!!
استرها يارب rt @ خناقه عند مدخل قصر النيل مع ناس بتشتم في شباب التحرير
RT: @: صعبان عليه أوي ضباط الجيش اللي اتقبض عليهم في التحرير.. ربنا يستر
nour kamel
No presence of amn dawla or army or anything in . Barbed wire surrounding each entry. This is rather scary

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