Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tweeting from Wembley Stadium

Tweeting from Wembley Stadium today where today Manchester United faces Barcelona in Champions League final. Should be a good test to see how people tweet under the influence of alcohol. Despite massive crowds in London so far we are not seeing impressive levels of tweeting.

Use the High Density by clicking the Use High Density button.

In this mode you are see a view of a smaller range, intended for more densely populated areas.

You can see the area around Wembley is producing a cloud of geo-tagged tweets during the game. This same geo-tagged tweet cloud will float over almost all major event.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Extremely intense tweeting from protest in Barcelona, Spain

We are seeing very intense and concentrated tweeting right now from Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, which is a protest site for the ongoing protest movement.

Using the high level tweeting meter we see an extremely concentrated number of tweets coming from the site which confirm reports of a massive protests confronted by police today.

Also we are seeing extremely high tweeting coming from the site of an evolving protest in Madrid.

Update May 28th: this morning we say a high density tweet reading from the Barcelona protest site of 94, which would indicate a large crowd of heavy web users remains collected in that area. The high density reading functions at the near smallest reliable limit of GPS, and therefore we are confident that the square remains crowded.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Using Web 3.0 to analyse possible EU wide revolt

All year the Web 3.0 lab has been using web analytics to try and track the use of social media to organize revolts. In Spain the intensity of protests shows up obviously. The site of the Madrid protests is not only a site of high tweeting (95/100) but using the high density analysis, which can see condensed crowds tweeting in the real world, we are seeing very concentrated tweeting in Madrid going lasting almost two weeks now.

In keeping with the recent protests in the Arab world we are seeing extremely high tweeting coming from the site of an evolving protest in Madrid.

A number of left wing activists have predicted that this would spread to other major cities in Europe. See also. That is possible, but right now we are not seeing it using Web analysis of twitter density. But we will continue to monitor the events. We are reading more reports of a Greek event coming soon.

In Athens we are seeing very low levels of tweeting coming from the area around the Parliament, which would indicate that a large peaceful group using social media is not collecting there at this point.

Update June 4th 2011 We are finally beginning to see elevated tweeting form a protest camp in Athens. From what we have heard in Madrid and read on Twitter we suspect a Jasmine peace camp like in Spain has spread to Greece.

Even in Paris where the National Assembly has a high level of tweeting, using the high density tweeting does not show a major concentration of protesters. Again it is critical to compare low to high density readings. If a low and high density reading are close to the same value, that means a very concentrated area of tweeting. If the low density default value is high but the high density is far smaller (like less than a quarter), you are actually seeing a empty part of a busy urban area. So a high score alone does not mean much.

We will continue to look, but it looks to us as if Jasmine has only spread to Spain, where it has clearly taken hold.

This is a very fast moving event and sometimes twitter lags behind the trend. In US protests this winter over union rights in Wisconsin twitter din't really take off until the on-site protest was already well established. Events on the ground are still the ultimate stage for political organization, and twitter will likely only show explosive growth, as is the case in Spain, when a major protest movement in already established.

Mladic arrest does not cause large tweeting in Belgrade

Despite news that Ratko Mladic was arrested in Serbia, we see very little activity in Twitter activity in Belgrade Serbia. Levels of around 2 out of 100 on our scale are more inline with smaller African cities than Europe. For example in Madrid protest we are seeing levels of 95-99. In Lagos Nigeria we normally seeing scores of about 80.

These low levels of tweeting in Serbia are opposed to the fact the story is trending in Twitter globally.

The New York Times
Top Tweet
BBC Breaking News
Top Tweet
Tadej Peršič
roel wauters
EPP Group
Njuz Net
Sarah Gray
Ms Biscuit Sea Star
Sherif Makhlouf
Stephan Dekker
George Knottnerus
Abdel Razak Chraou
Ringaile Bulatovic
Hevallo Azad

So we are seeing a global event about Serbia more than a event inside of Serbia on Twitter.

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