Tuesday, 17 May 2011

3 key social media trends to watch

Notes From UTalk Marketing.com

1. Social Commerce

People have relied on social networks to buy things for a long time. The web is working to put it on the web.

Groupon is a well known example.

Facebook Deals@Facebook is a major developing implementation.

Today many brands which sold in retail stores are moving to online. But brands don't want to under price their offering online. So to avoid cost based consumer online retailers are giving users something extra. So many web sites give a something added.

Another add is bringing commerce to Facebook. Put the shop where people are, and people are on Facebook.

2. Social Media Optimisation

The process of measuring and analyzing social interactions of social networks. The aim is to identify the key community members driving business and brand identity.

A key outcome on this is the ability to target your message to the community members you are communicating with. This will mean the message is the right message for the user getting. This will reduce cost of messages sent to the wrong person and a higher conversion rate.

By learning from you audience you can make a message to the right users at the right time. This will drive up conversion rates on marketing.

A key thing that can be done with Twitter and Facebook is that sharing can be about people sharing with family and friend more than brands. The sharing comes from a person rather than from a brand.

3. The Socialisation of Gaming

More people in the UK are spending time gaming than going to the pub. 25% of gamers online are over 50 and 40% are females in the UK.

Gaming and social media are merging with the new technology. Kinect has made a revolutionary impact on this, allowing people in a room to play together with people all over the world.

Gaming is now becoming much more social. Its no long just the player in his room and a family and community activity.

There is a massive explosion of social gaming.

The presentation holds that the small rewards given each day as addictive to get people to play social games. We would not agree with this simplistic approach to playing and gaming.

Mobile apps have changed this even further.

These are my notes from the talk and do not necessary reflect the views of UTalk

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