Saturday, 7 May 2011

American sports fans love there Apps, top 5 most popular

The American market for sports apps is growing fast. The NBA, THE NFL, all of these major sports institutions want in. SO here are some of the top favourites the sports fans love to download. Some of these apps are free but can range in price from $1.99 to $15.00 dollars.

1. ESPN ScoreCenter – Update: 8 March 2011, Developer: ESPN inc. Price: Free
According to IphoneAppCafe who did the reviews, there are a lot of sports Apps, some good, some bad and some downright awesome. The ESPN ScoreCenter App falls into the latter category. It offers instant up to the minute sports results for a seemingly limitless amount of teams across every major worldwide sport. So whether you want to know if the Lakers beat the Celtics, Liverpool beat Man U or if the 49ers finally won a game – instant results are at your fingertips. All you need to do is follow the apps simple setup and pick your sports and your teams and you will be presented with their past, future and immediate fixtures on your screen.

Then just select the games that interest you and ESPN offers; a breakdown if the game is over, a preview if it’s coming up and even a nifty little feature that allows you to buy tickets. This is a great app if you want all of your teams across all of your favourite sports in one easily digestible place.

2. Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports – Update: 23 November 2010, Developer: Electronic Arts Netherland B.V, Price: $2.99
When deciding what App would be best for the NFL it was a close battle between the informative and the Madden, at the end of the day Madden transcends the sport for which it is based and whether you are a diehard NFL fan or you don’t know the difference between a first down and a touchdown Madden NFL 11 brings the hard hitting action of the NFL to your fingertips.

The game features stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, full season, exhibition and play-off modes and allows you to play your friends at the same time, which makes this stalwart NFL game the stalwart NFL App.
3. SI.Com – Update: 29 September 2010, Developer: TI Media Solutions Inc. Price: Free

Since 1954 Sports Illustrated has been America’s illustrated guide to the Sporting world. It is a comprehensive magazine that offers fantastic insight into the world of sports and now the kind creators have brought this application into your pocket with a fantastic iPhone App. The SI.Com App features everything that you would find in the magazine including; news, writer profiles, articles, photo’s, videos and much more. It is a must have app for anyone who is a fan of the magazine or just loves their sports presented to them in a flawless and entertaining format.

4. College Basketball Live Plus – Update: 13 November 2010, Developer: Plusmo Inc. Price: $1.99

It may be because it’s March and the Madness is upon us, or the fact that we are disenchanted with the behavior of some of the NBA’s biggest stars but the college game seems to be where the action is at. The College Basketball Live Plus App gives you a comprehensive run down of the latest scores, schedules, standings and crucial news stories affecting the college game.

The best features of the App however is the ability to keep track of live scores of the games and to chat, cheer, or better yet taunt fellow users with an inbuilt chat function making it the perfect companion to the big show.

5. At Bat 11 – Update: 8 March 2011, Developer: Major Leauge Baseball Price: $14.99
No die hard baseball fan should be without the games most comprehensive App and this is exactly what’s At Bat 11 provides for you. The App takes you into a pitch by pitch breakdown of each Major League game and it also allows you to see in-game highlights, get instant score updates and listen live to audio broadcasts and grab quick access to league stats all at your fingertips.

This App is the closest thing you will get to being at the ballpark if you’re not, but even if you are it makes the perfect companion.

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