Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Extremely high and concentrated tweets coming from Madrid potest

In keeping with the recent protests in the Arab world we are seeing extremely high tweeting coming from the site of an evolving protest in Puerta del Sol Madrid.

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Using the High Density check, seen by clicking the High Density button, we see that the very high tweeting in central Madrid is very concentrated in the area around Puerta del Sol. A high density score of 97 is on the same scale of the Royal Wedding site or the WTC site when Bin Laden was killed.

Students are demanding jobs and economic justice. Perhaps most interesting is the demand that banks which have been bailed out after the 2008 crash be made to pay more of the consequences as opposed to austerity.

A new generation is being made to pay the price for the mistake of wealthy people a generation or two older than them. Governments present this as necessary common sense, but protest movements are demanding a rethink of this approach.

This could start a movement against the growing tendency of right wing parties in Europe to put in place cuts on education, social care, and government spending to cover the cost of bank bailouts and the resulting recession.

It will be interesting to see how generation politics plays out in Spain and then the rest of the EU. And it will be interesting to see what impact social media can play. This level of concentrated tweeting is not yet possible in the Arab world. The protesters in Madrid have more access to mobile communication than the students in Tahrir, but will that make any difference.

Update: 19th of May in the early morning and we are still seeing very high and concentrated tweeting from the demo. We are continuing to see the highest local concentration of tweets coming from the protest area using the high density tweeting tool.

This level of concentrated high tweeting is far greater than anything seen in the protests in Cairo and Bahrain. So the Spanish have the technological edge over protests in the Arab World. This will make for an interesting test of the true level of effectiveness that technology is playing in the revolts. Will the Madrid protests be able to change the way the financial crisis is being paid? Will they be able to reverse the trickle down of banking bailouts through the society and the rise of even more free market policies in Europe?

On the 20th of May we continue to see high levels of levels of concentrated tweeting from the protest site.

Update June 3rd: After watching this space for a few weeks we ventured down to Madrid to take a look at the tend city and meet some of the bloggers and tweeps there. What we saw was pretty interesting. During the few weeks of the protest a pretty well developed and organized little community has emerged, with community kitchen, library, meditation center and food store.

It is interesting to see how a real community, with different areas of work and responsibility has emerged out of what was only a computer network a month ago.

June 9, the continued high and concentrated tweeting from this area compared to the rest of Madrid is really amazing. This may be one of the largest web supported event in recent history.

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  1. I hope we can do it! As long as we can resist! It depends on our willing and our conviction that there are righter ways to do things in this world! Indignada from Madrid!!!