Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Facebook group, End Censorship: End Super Injunctions

Protecting the privileged. Facebook group starts active campaign against the use of super-injunctions

This group actively opposes the use of super injunctions. These are essentially a UK phenomenon, but they have universal implications for freedom of expression and open justice.

A super injunction, also know as a double gagging order, prohibits a news entity from publishing a story, while further prohibiting publication of the fact that an injunction has been granted.

Because publication of any information about the order is prohibited, it is impossible to know how many are in force or what is affected.

They have become a form of censorship, administered by the middle ranks of the judiciary in total secrecy.

There have recently been two scandalous uses of the instrument.

Trafigura was granted a super injunction to block reports of its illegal dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast, one of the poorest West African states.

This case particularly shows the international effect of super injunctions, as once the story came out in Britain it was quickly reported worldwide.

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