Thursday, 12 May 2011

Internet World 2011, where are all the tweeps?

Well there are no special services for press at all. Its almost like they put up a sign called Bloggers now welcome. And the tweet stream coming from the group is not much. The hashtag#InternetWorld is going long periods without posts to it.

Though tweet levels in the area are high as measure by our Clima Web 3.0 meter tool, using the high density tool shows that not a very large concentrate of tweets are coming from the location of Earls Court itself. We got a high density score of 17 for a low density score of 90. That means the spot is in a high twitter area, but is not contributing greatly to the twitter density.

Given these two data points we conclude that Internet world 2011 most likely did not attract a hub of movers and shakers in the Interent industry as the earlier Social Network Marketing Forum did a few months ago.

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