Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Is Bahrain revolt staying alive on Twitter?

Photo By Gail Orenstein for the Web 3.0 Lab/Clima

We have been tracking geo-tagged tweeting coming from Bahrain for some time. We are seeing a very recent rise in tweeting in some Shia area in Bahrain and not others. We are also seeing a continued flow of tweets on associated hashtags in twitter. The 14Feb is an active hashtag for the opposition and remains very active with a constant flow of tweets. Though the regime has destroyed the lulu round about, once a proud monument to the nation, tweeps are keeping lulu alive as a popular hashtag of the opposition.

While on the Bahrain hashtag one is more likely to get trolled by a supporter of the regime. Typical points that are repeated are:

  • Global media is biased and giving false reports,
  • People outside of Bahrain are bulled by people claiming to be in Bahrain,
  • Iran is blamed for the opposition,
  • the majority status of the Shia population is falsely denied,
  • claims of terrorism by protesters are made.

صوت الشعب - البحرين
صوت الشعب - البحرين
Nasser Alkhalifa
بنت الهاشمي
worood almosawi
Sadly the Bahrain regime is able to tell the same lies on twitter that Gadaffi tells on his state controlled media. But the opposition continues to function and get its message out, and via twitter a large number of people in the west are able to keep informed about the plight of a very brave effort to gain civil rights that continues in the Gulf State.

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