Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Microsoft's Skype Deal By The Numbers

The Huffington Post has broken the numbers down for the Microsoft Skype deal. An impressive 600,000,000 registered users makes Skype on paper the larger Social Graph on the web.

Microsoft's Skype Deal By The Numbers: "Here's a look at the deal, by the numbers:

$8.5 billion: Price Microsoft is paying in cash for Skype

$6 billion: Price Microsoft paid for purchase of aQuantive, its next biggest deal, in 2007

$45 billion: Price Microsoft offered for the purchase of Yahoo in 2008

$860 million: Skype’s 2010 revenue

$7 million: Skype's loss in 2010

$2.55 billion: Approximate amount eBay takes home after Microsoft buy--for 30 percent stake in Skype it owned

600 million: Number of registered Skype users

170 million: Number of 'connected' Skype users

207 billion: Minutes of voice and video conversations on Skype in 2010

Read more about Microsoft's Skype acquisition here."

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