Monday, 2 May 2011

Nokia NSeries N8

The Nokia Smart N8 smartphone, the world's largest mobile device maker produces an amazing camera phone limited by OVI OS limitations.

We have been testing the Nokia N8 phone since Nokia gave us a copy. This is an excellent made camera phone. It has a great feel in the hand is is far easier to take excellent pictures than the iPone or Samsung Galaxy or other Android phones we have tested. The phone's main weakness is the OVI OS. Symbian's time has certainly passed and this phone would probably would have been better with Android.

Still, with a little practice in a day we had the phone loading photos to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. We could synch to all the major email services, and Nokia's application ecosystem is not insignificant with over 30,000 apps.

The phone as a camera is excellent, and the model is a strong offering by Nokia that ranks with any of the other major smartphone designs. Sadly Nokia's use of OVI rather than embracing Android has made this phone a bit primitive for the price tag.

But if you are a user of a basic phone from Nokia now and have a high end digital camera you can combine both functions with a acceptable smartphone. I would not suggest throwing away your Android or iPhone for it, but for a first smartphone for someone who loves to take pictures this would be a good phone.

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