Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Notes from User Centric design talks at Internet World

Taken from my notes for Sigma Consulting presentation on InterContinental Hotel UX design. Presented at Internet World May 12.

Some good ideas in doing a UX design that I caught from a very good talk.

Start with a user survey,
  • Online server like SurveyMonkey
  • Keep it short, provide a status bar to the survey
  • Try to get 80-100 user responses to start
  • Multiple choice questions make easier survies that are easier to analyze
Use RAPID prototyping and JAD
  • Best way to get direct feedback
  • Create a prototype during a session
  • Show an interface to the users as quickly as possible
  • Try to keep the groups of under 10 people
Conduct Usability testing as soon as possible
  • Test usability before coding for obvious risk reduction
  • Again always run groups with a facilitator and a note taker
  • Think about eye tracking, this will let you follow the users exploration of a site

UX design and is agile and bringing the users from the start will produce a more engaged community of users and a community of champion users.

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