Monday, 23 May 2011

Social Analytics talk at Web Science Trust

Some key notes
  • Watching how information flows in a social network is more important than just finding who is popular or who has a high Klout score.
  • Community on the web can be viewed has having the follower key roles:
  • Idea Starters
  • Amplifies
  • Curators
  • Commentators
  • Viewers
  • Social Networks and social analytics can engage a firm in a feedback loop, with messages and service modifying to feedback in an agile fashion.
  • But there is a danger that a flood of social data coming off the Internet will be too much without clear value.
  • Its hard to understand say a single tweet, which is more like a meaningless twitch, but a larger network of social information can given context information about a threat of tweets.
  • Sundarshan Murthy from Edleman
  • Modern social networks combine multi-modal data, making analytics tricky.
  • Social Networks are matrices that combine multi-media, text, sound, video, images, in a complex social meaning.
  • The future of social analysis will demand multi-faceted analysis beyond text.
  • Paul Taylor from radian6 spoke about social media marketing.
  • Radian6 believes that social analytics data can add value to all parts of an Enterprise
  • Radian6 talk was a little thin on content, in fact these all seemed more like sales pitches compared to TBL.
Social Analytics gives the potential to give the subjective assessment of the community about a organisation or enterprise.

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