Thursday, 12 May 2011

Social Systems Design A Vision from InternetWorld 2011

Notes based on a talk by Chris Diamond of TECHNOPHOBIA

UK based firm. Chris is the innovation director for TECHNOPHOBIA. Is going to talk about how software fits in to a wider culture, especially an Enterprise culture.

Social business is a new metaphor for thing about a Social Media that extends to all areas of the business activity, consumer, partners and the Enterprise. Enterprise is embracing Reed's Law, engaging more many to many networks.

But there are lots of concerns moving in to this new area. New levels of trust, stress, new means of measure, and new concepts not fully understand all stand between traditional business and the Social Business.

But the opportunities to business are amazing. How much better would any Enterprise be if people could think in terms of fluid networks of experts and consumers rather than as a job. The benefits of sharing and collaboration, of a Enterprise where people can work together without complexity and approval but simply fluid social networks will be amazing.

Chris laks a a higher level look at what structures social network. Larry Lessig speaks about the four factors:
  • Law
  • Norms
  • Market
  • Architecture
Eric Diamond presents the idea that solutions to the barriers with these four factors is culture. A culture is a way or overcoming the barriers to collaboration, not just an added feature to a team.

Firms should think more creatively about creating systems of governance and create a culture shared between users. Law, Market, and Norms are the systems that govern the conduct of a culture. Architecture is the physical system that governs social practice, for example email or social network systems.

As Lessig said Code is Law: the Architecture of software determines what can or can not be done. In the future of social community development will be driven by the creation of agile robust tools that will make possible the collaboration that will meet market requirements more effectively while keeping the company secure. Design must now engage in sociology to a large extent.

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