Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Still king of the smartphone: Blackberry

This is another in our series of posts on the evolving mobile market to remind people that it is not necessarily just a battle between Android and iPhone.

We got our first Blackberry phones in 2005, and we traded our last one in for iPhones in 2010. During that time some of us in the Web 3.0 Lab tried Windows Mobile but went back to Blackberry.

Blackberry is still the King of the smartphone, its only not likely to remain so. Blackberry gets excellent points for security, ease of business use (like emails) and the wonderful keyboard. For many of us it was the first mobile computer and it has found a new lease on life as the low cost smartphone.

If Blackberry is to survive as the third smartphone it will have to keep its price low, keep its business use excellence, and reach out to the developing world. Though we don't see blackberry going away anytime soon, RIM faces a tall order to keep itself current.

Still most of the young people we know in the states who have smartphones have blackberries. This comfort for Digital Natives may be a strength to carry the firm along in the future.

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