Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Twitter effect, now bloggers 'out the super-injunction on celebrities

''A well-known blogger has alluded on Twitter to several celebrities whom he claims have obtained super-injunctions to prevent the media from publishing stories on their private lives.

A day after Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the microblogging site was ‘making a mockery’ of privacy laws, a high profile user today named a number of personalities whose names have been circulated online as the row over super-injunctions grows.

The Twitter user, who has one of the most popular blogs in his field of expertise, mentioned several footballers, entertainment personalities and businesspeople in a series of tweets that could have large legal ramifications.

Today’s tweeting by the blogger again showed the futility of privacy laws to prevent celebrities’ private lives being discussed online.

While personalities have been able to gag the press from reporting personal matters, the super-injunctions have little effect on social networking sites.

Between 30 and 40 privacy injunctions and super-injunctions are in force.

There has been public outrage over privacy injunctions, some of which, so-called super-injunctions, are so draconian that it is a crime even to mention that they exist.''

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