Monday, 9 May 2011

Twitter user in bid to break super-injunctions

A Twitter user has tried to unmask some celebrities who have obtained super-injunctions to prevent publication of details of their private lives.

The Twitter user claimed to "out" a number of public figures, though the tweets appeared to contain errors.

Jemima Khan tweeted: "Rumour that I have a super injunction preventing publication of "intimate" photos of me and Jeremy Clarkson. NOT TRUE!"

The tweets will add to concerns over injunctions and non-mainstream media.

Some newspapers - and MPs - have attempted to challenge the court orders, suggesting it should be Parliament and not the courts which decide on the introduction of any privacy law.

Last month, Prime Minister David Cameron said the increasing use of such strict gagging orders made him feel uneasy.

A report by a committee set up by the Master of the Rolls will report on their use later this month.

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