Sunday, 22 May 2011

TwitVic-The Victorian views of Englands most senior civil judge towards you on twitter "you are totally out of control"

Coming out of the British elites effort to control the global free flow of information on twitter, the most bald faced statement of elitism and arrogance so far goes to the Baron Neuberger of Abbotsbury stepped briefly out of the 19th Century to make an utter ass of himself:

"Committee chairman Lord Neuberger, who is the most senior civil judge in England and Wales, said the internet 'does add to difficulties of enforcement at the moment'.

"He said the internet had 'by no means the same degree of intrusion into privacy as the story being emblazoned on the front pages of newspapers', which 'people trust more'.

"However, he warned that modern technology was 'totally out of control' and society should consider other ways to bring Twitter and other websites under control."

It is worth noting that this same "Judged" decided that Parliament Square in London could be closed from access of the public due to people daring to protest in a peace camp.

Its interesting to note where such thinking comes from. Abbotsbury is a place which leaves almost no trace on the global Internet. If not for some historic Wikipedia interest, but as for Flickr, Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp Abbotsbury does not exist:

Abbotsbury is a community with almost no footprint in the emerging web. Frankly powerful people from these areas are a major threat to the emerging social network industry. Generally right wing politicians are happy to for the wealth that new technology can produce, but the web ability to empower crowds is ultimately a threat to the global established powers, from Tahrir to Abbotsbury. In the end the right has proven again and again that they would rather hope for more traditional industry or banking to produce growth than to deal with the threats of a more open community that will be needed for a Internet economy.

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