Sunday, 26 June 2011

Glastonbury Festival Tweeting Levels

We are seeing extremely high tweeting from the Glastonbury area as a massive surge of digital natives tweet everything from the festival.

At the height of the Glastonbury Festival tweeting from this temporary city reached 97 on our scale. That is as high as you will generally see in a major urban center at a significant event. A week later it is down to nothing. Tweeting allows the creation of quick community in a location.

Web 3.0 supports a new kind of nomadic life for the digital generation. Not only can small cities be created out of nothing in a day, but with tweeting, Facebook and other mobile technology this city can have a major global information infrastructure in a matter of hours. A communication infrastructure it might have taken generations to create just 20 years ago can simply form in empty space in a matter of minutes.

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