Monday, 13 June 2011

Good news for Samsung, okay news for Apple and really bad news for Nokia

A review of Nokia N8 against Samsung Android makes issues with Nokia best smartphone pretty clear.

"Samsung will become the world’s largest smartphone vendor in the third quarter of 2011, replacing beleaguered mobile manufacturer Nokia, which has held top position for the past fourteen years, according to Nomura.

"The financial institution believes that Apple will also overtake Nokia, beating the Finnish vendor into second place in the next quarter, after failing to hold back growth of the iOS and Android smartphone operating systems."

We have been beyond impressed by the outstanding excellence of Samsung's light weight next generation products. We use Samsung phones, tablets and super light laptops. Samsung is the most Web 3.0 company on the planet. Not only producing a large range of highly mobile devices, but also allowing user the selection of Windows or Android platforms.

As much as we like Apple's products the lock in to one companies platforms is a big minus. Also we simply like Androids open market, its performance, and its features better than iPhone.

As for Nokia what can we say. We love our Nokia N8s camera. In many ways the Nokia N8 is the best smartphone we have ever used. But until the company is producing smartphones with a real OS they are going to lose market share.

Samsung, along with HTC, is pursuing a brilliant open strategy of producing mobile devices and tablets on both Microsoft and Google platforms. Each has its unique strengths and the combined offering is better for consumers than a Apple only strategy.

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