Saturday, 11 June 2011

Slutwalk crowd in London

Slutwalk in London. A charged crowd in a global event which was only a canadian facebook group a few months

Just over 2 months ago this was a protest in Canada. Spread by a combination of media and social networks the event has become global.

At 1:30 PM local time on April 3, 2o11 Toronto had the first slut walk. Today they are being held every week end in cities around the world. The walk in London was estimated by the organizers to have drawn 3,000 people. Roughly the same number as the Toronto event two months ago.

A slut walk is even planned for Deli later this summer. This would mean that the protests would have gone global in three months with tens if not hundreds of thousands or participants. This kind of fast grass roots protests would not have been possible 5 months ago.

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