Friday, 10 June 2011

Some top Web 3.0 news for June 10 2011

"The Finnish cellphone maker Nokia said on Thursday that its chief technology officer had taken a leave of absence and would be temporarily replaced by the head of the company’s research center."

Nokia’s Top Technology Officer Departs, Maybe for Good -

"The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the name signifies comes with a display screen which is 10.1 inches in size. It is one of a recent spate of tablets which offer excellent functionality and style in a market which is becoming increasingly popular. This particular unit measures 256 mm by hundred 72 mm wide whilst being only 8 mm thick and weighing 595 g in weight. It utilises a dual core 1 GHz processor as well is version 3.0 of the android operating system."

"Sony Ericsson launched a Facebook contest last month for users to identify and post reviews for two of its upcoming smartphones. Well, the phones are now revealed and the company has announced all the details about its new devices.

"The company has selected final four consumers (the ultimate video reviewer) selected in worldwide competition, following thousands of entries on its Facebook page."

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