Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sony Pictures and Nikon using Augmented Reality

Layar: Battle: Los Angeles

"These campaigns and others reflect the strenuous efforts being made by the likes of Layar and Metaio to persuade brands that AR should be on their marketing radars. For much of their histories, these startups have spent a lot of time evangelising the potential of AR, but brands are beginning to test the technology's promise."

Our take so far on Augmented Reality is the same as Virtual Reality. We believe that people feel there is enough reality out there already, what they craze is more engagement with the reality that exists.

We use Layar a great deal, but only in the map mode and not the AR mode. We have been finding Foursquare and Google Maps are cutting in to what Layar has to offer. We don't really see a market for heads up displays. Direction software has guided billions of trips without the need to project the directions on to the the windscreen. In fact such a feature would likely make driving more dangerous.

We not only fail to see a public desire for AR, but question if it is safe.

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