Monday, 27 June 2011

Suddenly, Facebook Shuts Down Apps Left And Right

"The reason is Facebook didn't really police these 'small' apps before and now has rolled out an algorithm that automatically shuts them down if they post too often to users' walls, etc. The problem is that Facebook didn't tell app makers it was going to do this, so these just woke up Friday and saw their app had been shut down, and very understandably freaked out."

Another sudden change at Facebook. It seems the firm is having a hard time finding a direction. Frankly Developer Loves have done little as far as we can tell to clarify how the Facebook can work as a framework. Certainly Facebook does not yet provide the kind of Framework that comes from Microsft's Azure and .NET frameworks or Googles Maps APIs.

This industry is a 'cold heartless bitch', with social networks and new apps rising and falling almost as fast as the news cycle. Today with social shopping and other Web 2.0 apps you are unlikely to hear about a new service before it collapses.

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