Friday, 24 June 2011

Tracking level of tweeting for Pro-Mubbark protests

Tahrir Square

On June 24 there is a Pro-Mubarak rally planned for Cairo. This is all part of a growing trend for regimes and their supporters to adopt social networks. See The End of a Free Facebook, and Bahrain's Troll Army. You can track the intensity of Tweeting with the above tool. But the tool is unable to tell you how many people in the area are Pro-Mubarak or not. Our tool is designed to not spy on who people are or what they are talking about. Click on the High Density Tool to get a better sense of how compact the crowd is. A high High Density scores means a very concentrated small area.

Also its hard these days to really know if a level of tweeting is strong for an area. The Arab world is taking to tweeting very rapidly and we often see levels of tweeting just rise on their own in places like Egypt, so we have provided a baseline to compare the Tahrir site with near by in Cairo. Baseline other part of Cairo. By comparing the two you should be able to to see if the Tahrir area is unusually active for a Friday.

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