Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tracking tweet intensity in major new protests

The Jasmine revolt of the Spring is spreading West and East, moving towards Kuwait, Syria, and Bahrain on one side and Morocco and Spain on the other. But how active are social networks like tweets at these events? One surprising result is that the level of tweeting used in protest sites varies greatly.

Kuwait is a major center for tweeting and is seeing a protest. We anticipate that social media will play a major role in any protests movement in Kuwait.

Athens is being discussed as a likely next camping site after Madrid. Though we have seen spikes in Greek tweeting we may have a case here of an established left wing protest movement that does not need social media. But it protest movement takes off in Greece we believe we will see more tweeting form this location over the summer.

Manāma, Bahrain was the site of the most engaged social media revolt so far, but the Bahrain crack down has suppressed tweeting levels among Shai and future protesters will likely be more secretive.

Casablanca Morocco is a logical future Jasmine protest site, with Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Spain seeing protest movements Morocco seems logical. Sadly geo-tagged tweeting is not yet very common in Morocco, and we rarely see any scores at all.

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