Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hate Groups on Facebook

Facebook Group Islam is of the Devil raises serious questions about how well the massively successful site is taking its moral responsibility.

When Murdoch tells his full site of the recent News of the World collapse you can be certain he will say that he did not know about the phone hacking that took place. Murdoch will claim that basic ethical lapses happened beyond the high level managements view. We may never know if this is true or not. But it seems that Facebook is content to institutionalize allowing the law to be broken on its site out of ignorance.

Though many hate groups on Facebook are hard to discover when the site involved uses a name like Islam is of the Devil one would image a simply search algorithm would find it quickly. Perhaps Facebook has not bothered to put this level of filtering in place. Though we support free speech as much as anyone Facebook is bound by the laws of the United States at the very least. Targeting a religion for attack is a hate crime and not only violates Facebook's ToS but the laws of the United States and California.

Social Networks need to take their duty to users and the law more seriously. Just as recent event in Egypt have shown the power of Facebook as a social movement tool, the certain reaction of hatred and violence must be dealt with. The ball is solidly in Facebook's court right now, can they tolerate digging deeper in to their profits to provide a safe and legal environment?

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