Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Istanbul web 3.0 space to place

Above is a 3-D model of Çiniliköşk near the İstanbul Archaeology museum I made using Microsoft's photosynth

Give this some time to download, it is a Google Earth model of the same location. As you can see we are suddenly awash in rich 3D models of places in the real world.

Items inside the museum can also be captured in 3D. So its probably only a matter of years before some of the most popular sites in the world are fully mapped in 3D, not just the streets and buildings but the inside of public buildings.

In a few years Wikipedia might contain not only 3D images of items covered in their articles but geo-tags which would allow us to place these items in a 3D virtual map.

One piece of technology needs developing: GPS will need to be augmented with a third dimension so objects can be placed above and below each other.

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