Friday, 1 July 2011

Twitter response to Dominique Strauss-Kahn case

Tracking the intensity and density of tweets coming from outside Stauss-Kahn house arrest in New York City.

New York City is always a major hub for mobile device tweeting, but it will be interesting to see if the High Density reading rises above 90 as news of the possible collapse of the case against his reaches raises interest in his case.

Just for context, during the royal weeding we saw the tweeter scores for central London reach 99 with the high density score of 97. Out of scale of 100 these are the highest scores we have yet seen for a sustained event. It is unlikely the fate of the former IMF head will produce that kind of mass traffic, but it will be very interesting to see just how high tweeting goes.

Also remember it is Friday and Strauss-Kahn is living outside of Wall Street. So the army of journalist parked by his house is likely to be "out tweeted" traders just lining up this afternoon's drinks.

Not surprising a story like this involving sex and power is popular on Twitter. The #DSK hashtag is seeing a lot of posts already, we anticipate it will go up during the day.

Ossa Kierkegaard
Victor Desmet
Mathieu Felten
axel bartoli
john ward
Ophélie Wallaert
Eric Claxon
Cyndi Brillhart
Mansour Niang

Twitter has played a key role in this case, with French tweets suspiciously reporting the case before New York police even arrested him. If this case collapses it will certainly be taken as further proof of the corruption of modern political process.

The anarchist instincts still surviving on the Internet will certainly go online to express their fear that courts and public opinion was manipulated by some combination of banking, French politics, IMF, and Africa Mafia.

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