Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hackers Hit Blackberry Over Police Help

"A hacker group has attacked Blackberry's website after the company said it would assist police investigating riots in the UK.

Team Poison defaced the official Blackberry blog, posting a message that threatened the firm with retaliation if it handed user data to authorities.

Blackberry's instant messaging service is believed to have been used by some looters to plan their movements.

The firm has promised to co-operate with police and the Home Office."
BBC News - England riots: Hackers hit Blackberry over police help:
The question we are asking is how deep is the relationship between mobile and social media tools and what happened in London. Reports are that looters used BBM to coordinate their attacks on businesses. But has also a society of channeled content created the public as sliced consumer groups, unable to see the larger social situation.

The facts are simple: UK society is utterly blind to the conditions of the young natives living in the underclass. And that same underclass is blind to the concerns and values of the greater society.

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