Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Clima.Me Web 3.0 Analysis Predicts Major Disturbance in Manchester

Manchester tweeting very intense on rioting, score of 91 on our Clima.Me twitter score. This compares to central London of 81. This would indicate a lot of on the ground activity is happening in Manchester. Riots attract lots of young people. Young people like to use their mobile phones. Not just rioters but also observers who capture images with their mobile phones. Many people post to twitter. When you see a lot of people tweeting you can guess some event is happening on the ground. And tonight we guess this is riots, fires, or the fear of either.

Update: On the 10th of August Manchester tweeting levels are down from yesterday. Down right now on our Clima.Me scale of 60 out of 100, last night it was at 100. Let us hope this means a more quite day.

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