Sunday, 7 August 2011

Enfield web 3.0 analysis see major event

We have been watching Enfield on Twitter and with the news tracker. What we have seen is a lot of tweeting in London around Enfield which has lead to a concentration of tweeters in Enfield right now. We are confident that a major disturbance has been planned openly on twitter and face. Enfield was trending much of the day and the police even suggested people ignore twitter for their information.

As sad as this event is to the culture and life of one of London's most vibrant working class communities, it has offered an insight in to how twitter can organize movements, not always movements we want to support. We have seen a protest that has been planned by a lose network of anarchist and other elements on twitter and is being executed.

But twitter also gave the police an opportunity to prepare. Given that the protests want to confront the police this may have been the point. I have read reports that EDL neo-nazis use the Internet to co-plan big rallies, rallies in which the too side fight.

We are also reading reports on Twitter that Palmers Green might be the next target. We are seeing raising tweeting form in that area now. So it is possible the planners have moved there or something is happening. These scores of about 40 on scale are very high for these regions. Maybe about 5 times as high as normal. There must be a lot of people with mobile phones tweeting, also we predict, with their phones taking videos and still photos of the event.

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