Sunday, 7 August 2011

High chance of protest in Enfield London

Tracing tweeting intensity in Enfield North London in real time.

The strangest event is happening in twitter right now. It seems that some group of people in London are publicly tweeting a riot as it starts. People have been tweeting on the hashtag #Enfield for much of the day. Police have been responding to reports on twitter and facebook during the day. If rioting does take place it will be a strange event where a riot is planned in the public on social media and police could do nothing about it. The potential negative power of web 3.0 is massive.

Roisin Butler
ersin gunay
Phil Arend
Sally Clarke
Ja'e Journalist
Zed The Pirate - Seb
William Dewhurst
Mr Amrani
Michael Luichi
Ullrich Reuter
Rocki Stone

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