Thursday, 25 August 2011

Network Asia

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This image shows an hour of geo-tagged tweets over Asia. Notice the concentrations in Thailand and the Persian Gulf. India has significant tweeting but there is little in China and none coming from Burma, Tibet and Afghanistan.

This model shows the potential agile network emerging in the world. These red dots are each potential nodes that can function as political voices, consumers, content producers, contractors, or even friends. Twitter and other social media connected with mobile devices is spreading a Web 3.0 mesh over the entire planet. A mesh which will change the way we all live and work very shortly.

As for the speed of change in this network, a year ago I was caught in flooding in northern India. I was working with some relief groups that were trying to use a blog to organize people. They found blogger to heavy for their needs and I recall saying, a little over one year ago that twitter would be a better tool for them but 'no one used it.' A tool that almost no one uses can become a global network in a year in our modern economy.
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